Training Your Dog for Movie Roles

Dogs have won their place in the cinema or moving pictures. In the silent movies there were famous names-Strongheart, Peter the Great, Rin Tin Tin, Lightning and Flash. The talkies made their advent and the dog contrary to expectations, won his way into them also.

The difficulty in the talking pictures is that the trainer can not speak commands. All commands must be by motion and out of the camera’s scope. The dog previously must be trained in the usual manner by voice and touch or handling, then the commands transferred to those of motion. By massaging the facial muscles, dogs are induced to yawn, to open and close their mouths. In time, with the bribe of a morsel of food, they do this readily on command.

Models are used for position for camera so that the dog need not stand and pose while the camera men are getting ready.

Dogs continue in the movies in increasing popularity and with the exception of a beautiful woman, a dog most readily adds a “human-interest” touch and liveliness to almost any picture.