Breeds Of Dogs That Race

Speed for attack or to escape always has been one of the physical possessions of the dog. The work of the chase and the struggle in the wilds made speed the decider between life and death. A wise dog knows when to run and how fast to run. The coursing hounds include the wolfhounds, Irish […]

Dogs That Lead The Blind

Nothing else within the last quarter century has emphasized the value of the dog to mankind so much as has the use of the dog as a guide for the blind. Here is a work so worthy that it clearly makes the dog an invaluable part of society. Today when one sees a dog doing […]

Dogs And Sled Racing

Sled dog racing began about 1907 in Alaska. The first and most famous, the All-Alaska Sweepstakes, was run first in 1908. At present it has given way to the Fairbanks Spring Classic, which in 1931 was won by a team of eight Siberian huskies over a windswept, snow-blinding trail of sixteen miles in one hour, […]

Field Trials For Bird Dogs

The following applies more particularly to bird dog trials. Judging is done on a percentage ranking tho the judge is expected to apply much common sense to his judging. The seven major considerations are as follows: 1. Range; does the dog cover much area? 2. Speed; does he cover the area at good speed? 3. […]

Police Dog Training

The police dog is not a breed of dog. The term printer is a term denoting employment and not nationality. So the term police dog does not denote the breed but the use to which a dog is put. Popular usage of the term has been almost wholly in connection with the German shepherd dog. […]

Training Your Dog To Swim And Water Rescue

Most dogs like the water; swimming is an easy accomplishment for them. To paddle like a dog is a method of swimming many humans use at first automatically. Take your dog to the water on a warm day. First wade in and call him to you. Speak to him reassuringly.  Never seize your dog nor […]

Training Your Dog for Movie Roles

Dogs have won their place in the cinema or moving pictures. In the silent movies there were famous names-Strongheart, Peter the Great, Rin Tin Tin, Lightning and Flash. The talkies made their advent and the dog contrary to expectations, won his way into them also. The difficulty in the talking pictures is that the trainer […]

Training For Watch And Guard Dogs

Watching and guarding is instinctive to the dog, coming to him as a heritage from ancient centuries when he was compelled to guard his food and to protect himself. By the strange psychology of the dog and by his strong social instinct, what is his is his master’s and what is his master’s is his; […]

Working Dog Breeds

The breeds in this group were bred and trained to be just what the name says – workers. There are some of the best known and best loved of man’s dog companions in this group. From the earliest days of recorded history, these are the animals who have helped man pull his sleds, guard his […]