IF Your Dog Could Tell You What They Need

I. I want one large fresh bone each week for my dessert; I promise not to bury it in the flower pot.

II. I want clean water in a clean dish twice daily.

III. I want a dry, draft less place for sleeping.

IV I want a collar that doesn’t choke me and isn’t so loose it catches on my ears.

V. I want a quiet place in the basement on the Fourth of July.

VI. I want every boy softly reprimanded who throws stones at me or twists my ears.

VII. I want folks to believe in. my wagging tail and pleading eyes.

VIII.I want all persons to keep in mind that I do with my mouth, most things they do with their hands; so, they needn’t be afraid of a dog’s teeth.

IX. I want to be treated kindly, just as I treat children and all those in distress.

X. I want my mind to be trained so that I can be of the fullest service.

XI. I want to be considered one of the family, for I will give my life to protect it.

XII. I want my master to be my god and and to act the part.