Dogs In The Spring

In all lands the return of warming sunshine brings the pleasing spring fever. Dogs too are its willing victims. They yawn, they stretch their legs uneasily, they roll their eyes languidly. They find increasing delight in their daily jaunts. The uncovered earth, after a winter of hiding under snow, presents myriads of new smells, which are every dog’s delight.

The paws of the dog itch to be soothed by the now tender ground of springtime. A neighbor’s lawn is about ready for the planting of flowers after a winter of reading the alluring seed catalogs in many colors, or it has been spaded but yesterday, raked and leveled, and carefully seeded in fond expectation of a beautiful blanketing of green grass.

Beware, you will incur his enmityl Act before it is too late. Be certain that your dog will hearken to your voice, else you will find him in the front yard next door happily scratching up the earth and grass with all fours. It is his way of expressing spring fever-but call him away quickly and hie yourself on before your neighbor, spies you out of his front window.