Choosing A Pet Dog

A Cocker Spaniel sits at the door of a shop. During the five minutes he waits for his master nods, calls, pats, and finger snaps come from a score of passersby. These friendly attentions speak of an ancient relationship that is the heritage of mankind and dogs. Of all the animals man has domesticated, the […]

How To Reason With Your Dog

That dogs reason and have the ability to reason is a conclusion we all should like to have in our minds. Yet, judged by the strict requirements laid down by psychology, the dog does not reason. Much of the argument hinges upon the meaning given to the word reason or thinking, which is the twin […]

Dogs And Their Personalities

Dogs are dogs and yet each dog even tho of the same breed and the same litter, is different from any other dog in the world. He differs in temperament, in intelligence and above all in that general term, his reaction to the external world, his personality. THERE IS THE MOODY DOG. He may be […]

Dogs Prayer For His Master

LORD OF HUMANS, make my master faithful to his fellowmen as I am to him. Grant that he may be devoted to his friends and family as I am to him. May he be open faced and not deceptive as I am; may he be true to trust reposed in him as I am to […]

Senses Of The Dog

It is difficult at times to draw a line in the twilight zone between acts which arise out of pure intelligence on the part of the dog and acts which arise out of the dog’s ability to learn by repetition. Trick work for instance is learned by repetition rather than by intelligence. We have stated […]

IF Your Dog Could Tell You What They Need

I. I want one large fresh bone each week for my dessert; I promise not to bury it in the flower pot. II. I want clean water in a clean dish twice daily. III. I want a dry, draft less place for sleeping. IV I want a collar that doesn’t choke me and isn’t so […]

How A Dog Acquires Knowledge

In the animal kingdom, knowledge can be divided into primary and secondary. The spider weaves its web artistically and precisely according to geometric design without example or instruction. The two birds when mating build their nest according to the design of their own particular species even tho they have never had any previous practice. Fish […]

Chicken And Egg Vices Of The Dog

Some dogs to not like chickens and kill them; some eat chicken eggs; some do both. It is difficult to reform the old dog but it can be done. The puppy really should be the pupil. Start the training in puppy hood, at the early age of about three months. Walk with the puppy amid […]

Dog Training Tips For Shy Nervous Timid Dogs

A shy dog slinks from strangers; a nervous dog fears thunder and lightning, or refuses at times to be quiet and restive; a cowardly dog fears to defend himself against either large or small dogs; a vicious dog bites upon the least excuse. A shy dog often is nervous and cowardly; a nervous dog may […]

How To Approach A Strange Dog

One’s love for dogs may lead to harm. The kindly impulse is to walk up to a strange dog on the street and to pet him. A bite may result. Give a thought to what may be in the dog’s mind. He may be hungry, frightened, nervous, fearful of punishment; the memory of a recent […]