Care And Management

The health and happiness of a dog depend upon its surroundings and the attention given its sleeping quarters, food, grooming, washing, and habits of life; for a healthy dog which is forced to occupy dirty, vermin-infested quarters and subsist on unwholesome food, and which is seldom or never exercised, groomed, or washed, will soon be […]

Dogs Eye, Ear, And Throat

Some affections of the eye arise from debility, others are due to injuries. Ingrowing lashes or the presence of irritating bodies are also common causes. EYE: Symptoms.-Increased sensitiveness to the light; dimness of the eyeball; an excessive flow of tears from the eyes, running down over the cheeks; from the corner of the eye a […]

Nervous Diseases

The nervous system of the dog is very highly developed, and consequently subject to a variety of disorders, the most frequent being chorea, a disease whose pathology is not well understood, and fits due commonly to worms, indigestion, distemper, teething, etc. CHOREA.-The most satisfactory theory in regard to the cause of this disorder is that […]

Stomach And Bowels

Dogs have powerful organs of digestion, but the heavy task they put upon them in the way of gorging upon all kinds of food, the recklessness they show in swallowing stones, coal, dirt, and bones, and the carelessness of owners in feeding frequently result in a loss of tone and power of the dog’s stomach, […]

Intestinal Parasites – Type, Treatment, Prevention

Until a very recent period worms were thought to be of a spontaneous origin, brought about by the influence of heat upon decaying vegetable matter, and it was, and still is, freely asserted that puppies are born with worms inherited from the mother while still in utero. This is a mistake, as worms spring from […]

Skin Diseases

This disease, like itch in man, is due to the presence of a small insect which burrows or tunnels through the skin, and in these canals the female deposits her eggs, which hatch out in about two weeks. The young then continue the burrowing operations of their parents, occasioning the most intolerable itching. Mange is […]

Diseases & Diagnosis

The article is devoted to the diseases of dogs are usually so technical that the amateur who refers to them for guidance finds only a confusing array of diseases, symptoms, and complications. It is well to know that most of the diseases enumerated are of such rare occurrence that it will not be necessary to […]

Dog Distemper

This most dreaded of all diseases of the dog generally develops in the first year of life at a period approaching maturity, or is associated with the cutting of the permanent teeth. The disease has been compared to typhoid fever in man, but really resembles measles, as both are infectious infantile disorders transmitted through, similar […]

Care, Diet, Nursing

Absolute cleanliness, an unfailing supply of fresh air, a suitable temperature, plenty of fresh water, general comfort, and last, but not least, companionship, are needed by a sick dog. Locking a dog in a darkened room or stall, or an unaccustomed change, will work havoc with a sick dog. He wants to see his master, […]

Keeping Your Dog Well

Your dog’s surest way to health is by preventing disease. Sane feeding, clean quarters, enough exercise, and adequate care of his coat and skin are essential to keeping him fit. Keep him away from infection. If you suspect that another dog is ill, don’t let your dog play with him. Grown dog or pup, your […]