Tips For Useful Dogs

Here are the seven useful outlines for useful dogs of the value of the dog as follows:

1. Emphasizing the dog as a means of developing the far north and south (SLED DOGS).

2. The value of a dog for WATCH PURPOSES, guarding property, store houses, silver fox farms, industrial plants, etc.

3. The shepherd dog for HERDING cattle and sheep, etc. and the help to the farmer.

4. The WAR dog-carrying messages, finding the wounded, etc.

5. The HUNTING dog—hunting predatory animals, bird dog, trail hound, etc.

6. The dog in SPORTS-the racing greyhound, the whippet, etc.

7. The dog’s PLACE IN THE HOME as a pet for lonely women, and part of a child’s education and a pal to growing boys and girls, etc.”

The coddling of dogs has been carried to extremes and this serious situation is not limited by any means to toy dogs or other small breeds.

Heated kennels, the excessive use of sweaters and blankets, lack of exercise, and a life that is too easy, have contributed to making many dogs ” Soft” and physically weak.

The dog’s first contact with the human race was that of service-of help to the hunter in killing his prey. Then came the sheepdog guarding the flocks against wild animals and intruders. Essentially our dogs must be useful and must possess stamina and physique which enable them to be useful according to their size and the demands their owners place upon them.

The establishment of obedience trials at dog shows is a decidedly constructive step forward. Field trials for hunting dogs are much in order. They can be extended to more of the hunting breeds-for instance, trials for poodles only, trials for shortbaired pointers only, trailing trials for bloodhounds, rat trials for terriers, sled dog trials for various breeds, and so forth.

The use of the dog as a watch dog and a guard is still perhaps the most important service the dog renders.

We have advocated that every penal institution have at least two trained dogs for trailing after escaped prisoners or for trailing and locating persons who have committed crime.

We believe that every night watchman, particularly one who walks or covers much distance, should have a dog as companion and guard, to warn of strangers and to protect against robbers and other criminals.

The trucking business has developed into a major industry in America. Countless trucks travel the highways night and day, month after month. Many of them carry valuable cargo. It appears to us that every truck well can carry a dog as a guard of property and a protection against all forms of attack.

Dogs like to ride; and a dog by the side of the driver on the front seat appears very proud of himself. Here is indeed a new and worthwhile additional use of man’s best friend.