Training Your Dog Not To Roam

By nature most dogs delight to roam. Some breeds are referred to as “tramp” breeds. Usually any lively, courageous dog likes to run about. It is a hard habit to stop. The following suggestions will aid you.

1. Feed your dog at regular intervals and at the same place. Underfeed him rather than overfeed; this tends to make him anxious to be home at feeding time.

2. Keep your dog confined an hour or so each day on chain or in room in order to give him a “sense of property.”

3. The moment the dog in your sight steps off the premises, call him back. Keep on the lookout at all times. If this is done when the dog is a puppy, he seldom forgets; this perhaps is the most important instruction.

4. If the dog has been away, do not punish him severely upon his return. He does not connect the punishment with the crime and gets into his mind that he had better stay away from home longer next time to avoid punishment.

5. Give him his own individual sleeping and resting quarters so that he is anxious to remain near where they are.

6. A dog too friendly wanders about: let your dog have one master and do not let everyone pet him.