Training Your Dog

The power of speech is the only limit to the possibilities of a dog’s education; for amiability, rare intelligence, powers of reasoning, and wonderful instincts are coupled with a devotion to and faithfulness for its master that prompt it to obey his every wish, and as a result the human race in all ages and […]

Puppy Care And Training

I have raised and trained enough puppies to know that housebreaking takes time, but I believe new owners will have less trouble if they make more effort in the beginning to let the pup know exactly what is wanted of him. In housebreaking you must follow a simple, clear routine. Its details depend on whether […]

Teaching Your Dog Tricks The Right Way

The master must study and observe his dog and take advantage of the dog’s likes and inclinations and turn them toward the doing of the tricks. Each dog presents his own different case and the master must adapt the instruction to the dog’s way and peculiarities. The dog that follows upright on hind legs for […]

Training A Dog To Trail

In training a very young puppy whether a bloodhound or any other breed, one can begin as early as the age of eight weeks. Take the puppy for a walk when no one else is about and when its attention is elsewhere, hide his food stuff away, behind a bush or some other object. If […]

Dog Training Tips For Field Trials

The field trial is a planned competition wherein dogs locate and handle game in the field and are judged on the performance. Theoretically the judging determines which dogs are the better hunters, just as bench show judging theoretically determines which dogs are better breeding specimens. A beagle trial uses rabbits as quarry; handlers, judges and […]

Training Your Dog To Retrieve

To teach a dog to retrieve, whether he is to be used in the field or as a pet and companion only, the first step is to get the dog to open his mouth. To get the dog to open his mouth so that you can slip the object into it, jerk his collar quickly […]

Tips For Training Bird Dogs

These breeds of dogs even in puppy hood shortly after weaning, are interested intensely in moving objects, even rustling leaves, and most of all, a bird, a chicken or a pigeon which chances to be near. The pointing instinct shows itself promptly and acutely. A bird dog in the field should range, that is, run […]

Training Your Dog to Tolerate Loud Noise

The Fourth of July would be abolished, had the dog the authority to do so. It is a day of dread to most of them. Let your dog find a quiet spot in the basement or under a bed for that day. But never tease a sensitive puppy with fireworks in order to habituate him […]

Training Your Dog To Stop On Command

The great error some trainers make in training to retrieve is to permit the dog to think he is playing. It is a playful instinct for the dog to rush for articles thrown and to bring them back; but this method never makes a dependable retriever and the dog does not understand that he must […]

Training Your Dog For Field Work

To retrieve is to bring to the master an object that is at a distance, carrying it without injury to the master, which object the master may have thrown to the spot or which object may not have been at any time in the master’s possession, such as wounded game that has fallen and perhaps […]