Toy Poodle

The Toy Poodle is a miniature replica of the French Poodle, and, like them, one of the most intelligent, affectionate, and interesting of canine pets.

The points to look for in selecting puppies at from two to four months being: Great length of head, narrow skull, short back, well-sprung ribs, clean neck and shoulders, straight forelegs.

Under the rules of the Poodle Club, which have been recognized by the American Kennel Club, the maximum weight limit is ten pounds, the standard and value of other points being as follows:

THE HEAD should be long, straight, and fine, not too broad between the eyes, with a slight peak at the back; the muzzle long, not snippy, and beautifully tapered under jaw; teeth level; lips black, and not showing lippiness.

THE EARS long and broad, dropping close to the head.

EyES.-Almond-shaped; black or dark brown if brunette; blue or light brown if blonde; this where the coat is white or lemon; in other colors the eyes generally follow the color of the coat.

CHEST.-Full, deep ribbed; loins slender, back short, slightly curved; tail should not be carried over the hip.

LEGS.-Straight and well formed; feet round, with toes well arched; pads thick and hard. Should stand well up on his toes.

COAT.-IS curly; of a wiry texture.

In action is quick, proud, and graceful.

VALUE OF POINTS.-General appearance and movement, 15; head and ears, 15; neck and shoulders, 10; body, back, and tail carriage, 25; color, coat, and texture, 15; legs and feet, 10; bone, muscle, and condition, 10. Total, 100.