Smooth Coated Collie

The Smooth coated Collie is or should be an exact replica of his rough-coated brother in every detail and particular, but with a short, dense, double coat which looks smooth to the eye, but which is harsh and weather-resisting. The Smooth coated Collie is an English edition of his Scotch cousin, and is doubtless a manufactured variety to a great extent, as seen today on the show bench, although a form of smooth Collie or Sheep Dog has been indigenous to the agricultural districts of England from time immemorial almost.

The smooth Collie, as an all-around utility dog, probably cannot be excelled. His short, sleek, dense, weather-resisting coat is undoubtedly an advantage to him over his rough brother in snowy weather, and is less cumbersome to carry. He is more difficult to breed to type because of his smooth coat, which lays bare an anatomy which a rough coat covers, and without which defects of body cannot be hidden in the smooth variety. The orthodox color of the smooth is much the same as in the rough-coated variety.

There also exists in Scotland a type known as the Bearded Collie. These dogs bear considerable resemblance to the old English Sheep Dog. In fact, it is easy to imagine that the latter would assume the form and appearance of Bearded Collies if for a few generations they were bred for working purposes alone. The Bearded Collie is a hardy-looking dog with a very nice temper. They are capable of a good day’s work and can endure much cold and wet without discomfort. The head of a Bearded Collie has something about it which suggests the Dandle Dinmont, while they possess a dignity and grandeur which reminds one of the Deerhound, the Otterhound, and the majestic animals which inhabit mountainous countries.