Shetland Collie

This breed of dog the Shetland Collie bears the same relationship in size and appearance to the rough Collie as the tiny Shetland pony does to some of the larger breeds of horses native to Scotland. They resemble them in everything but size.

A good specimen of this dog should be an absolute replica in miniature of the ordinary Collie. They are a true breed inasmuch as they breed to size and type, and in their native country are used for driving and gathering the sheep inhabiting these windswept isles. In later years they have been bred more as companions and pets than for utility, and for this purpose they are excellent as they have the intelligence and faithful heart of the larger dog to a high degree.

The chief points to be looked for in the selection of Shetland Collie puppies are those of the Scotch Collie on a reduced scale.

The general description of the breed is as follows: The average weight is about 7 pounds for bitches, and up to 10 pounds or thereby for dogs.

LENGTH OF BODY, from root of tail to shoulder, 15 inches.

HEIGHT AT FOREARM, 9 inches to 10 inches.

LENGTH OF HEAD, from occiput to tip of nose, 5 inches to 6 inches. The head should be flat and not over thick in skull, with the muzzle tapering to the nose; mouth clean-teethed and level. EARS.-Semi-erect, small, and placed high on the head.

THE EYE should be well placed and small and dark, with the ordinary intelligent Collie expression.

THE FRONT LEGS are straight, strong boned, and short, and beautifully feathered, with plenty of chest frill.

HINDQUARTERS strong and well feathered, with the legs clean.

TAIL well feathered and carried as the ordinary Collie.

COLOR.–They are found in various colors, such as black-and-tan, black-tan-and-white, black-andwhite, sable-and-white, and, in that northern climate, they may be found wholly white.

THE OUTER COAT is long and glossy, a trifle softer in texture than the ordinary Collie, but with the usual woolly undercoat. This softness of outer coat may perhaps be accounted for by climatic conditions. For instance, the little Shetland sheep carries a much finer, softer, and more valuable coat than the sheep of our country.