The Chihuahuas are but little known outside of this country, as they are natives of Chihuahua, one of the largest States of Mexico, bordering on the State of Texas. They are one of the most diminutive of breeds, and by many are believed to have been in the early days wild, and to have inhabited the dense forest land of Northern Mexico, some claiming that they were as expert as a squirrel in climbing trees, and were also adepts at burrowing. They are remarkably game little dogs, very exclusive in their affections, and perhaps the smallest of the canine family. Some very good specimens may be so small as to stand with all-fours in the palm of one’s hand, and not weigh more than twenty-three ounces, while other specimens turn the scales at four pounds. Their legs are very slender and their toenails very long and strong. In the wild specimens this was very serviceable to them in making their homes, as they lived in holes in the ground. Apart from their size, the most striking peculiarity and feature is the head, which is round, and from which projects a very short and pointed nose and large, standing cars, and also a peculiar skull formation, found only in this race. In color they vary somewhat in shade, reddish black and fawn; hair short, fine, and thick. The name is pronounced Chi-wa-wa.