The Boxer is widely distributed in Germany, where it shares in popularity with the Dachshund. In appearance the Boxer resembles the Boston of our show benches, and, like the Boston, is of mixed ancestry, doubtless a cross of the bull and smooth coated terrier, with the blood of the latter predominating; that is, he is a terrier of bulldog character, with clean-cut head, wrinkled between high-set, cropped ears, muzzle broad and blunt, stop well defined, cheeks well cushioned, and the jaws often undershot. The back is short and level, the shoulders sloping, long and muscular, the chest deep, but not broad, the ribs well rounded, and the belly slightly drawn up. The legs are straight, the tail placed high and docked, the coat short, hard, and glossy; color, yellow or brindle, with or without a black mask. White patches are allowed. The height for dogs is 21 1/2 inches; for bitches, 20 inches.