Bedlington Terrier

This breed in appearance resembles a miniature Deer hound. They originated among the sport loving miners and gypsies in the north of England, who have bred them for a great many years, and have produced a useful type of dog of undeniable gameness which will cheerfully tackle anything that wears hair. Their looks are against […]

Airedale Terrier

A few years ago there appeared at the dog shows in the north of England a big, useful-looking sort of a Terrier whose ancestors were a cross of the old border Terrier, the Bull Terrier, and the Otter hound. They were known sometimes as the Waterside Terrier, on account of their fondness for that element, […]

Smooth Fox Terrier

The smart appearance, graceful conformation, and attractive coloring of the Fox Terrier has made him the most popular member of the Terrier family. In tracing the origin of the breed, it is impossible to go far into the past, the late 60’s apparently being the starting point of the modern Fox Terrier. Just what he […]

Wire-Haired Fox Terrier

The Wire-Haired Fox Terrier is identical with his smooth-coated brother, with the single exception of the character of his coat, which should be harder, more wiry, and broken. This coat should not be so long as to make his owner look shaggy, while a coat that is soft and woolly or one that has a […]

Black-And-Tan Terrier

There was a Black-and-Tan Terrier in England before the days of dog shows, less graceful in outline and coarser in type, to be sure, than those of today. These early dogs did not present the fancy marks of penciled toes and dotted brows; their tan was smutty, but nevertheless they were sound, game, and useful […]

Welsh Springer Spaniel

The Welsh Springer is a smart, active Spaniel, more lightly built and smaller than Field Spaniels, being very little larger than the Cocker. They are invariably white in color, with red or deep orange markings. They have beautifully chiseled heads, small Clumber-shaped ears, and are generally most attractive. The Welsh Springer is undoubtedly an old […]

Old English Broken-Haired Terrier

This ancient English breed of working Terriers is one of the few breeds for which a specialist club does not exist, and there is a decided call for one to save it from utter extinction. A quarter of a century must have elapsed since a specimen of this breed was exhibited. As a kennel terrier […]

Sussex Spaniel

This handsome breed derives its name from the county of Sussex, where it originated, or at least has existed for many years. The Sussex is one of the oldest of the Spaniel family. The breed, however, have been kept pure only by excessive in-breeding, which has impaired their constitutions. In consequence puppies are often delicate […]

Clumber Spaniel

This handsome and useful member of the Spaniel family is of ancient lineage, and his solemn and majestic aspect mark him as a true aristocrat of long descent. The Clumber’s are deserving of their popularity with shooting men, for no dog is a more capable assistant to the gun as they are by inclination the […]

Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel, unlike the field varieties, is free from any abnormalities, being a rationally built and symmetrical little dog, full of buoyancy and beaming with intelligence, and of tireless energy. Those features and characteristics in the dog account for his popularity. As to his origin there is the same mystery, but little doubt exists […]