All About Sled Dogs

Few things grip the imagination as does the sled dog of the far north, where the Arctic snows and silence might conquer man and keep him in caves and huts, were it not for his dogs. Thur hail and storm, over hill and valley, scorning crevice and ice floe, the dogs run tireless and spirited,with […]

Dog Breeds And Their Individual Traits

Just as there are people who are rare in the world of human beings, there are dogs that stand out in the dog world because of something unusual about them. Basenji did you know there is a dog who cannot bark? He is called a Basenji. No one knows why he does not bark like […]

All About Non-Sporting Dogs

To call the breeds in this group “Non-Sporting” is not quite accurate. The name was given to them, however, because by and large they have lived with men as companions for such a long time that they are now known mainly as pets. Originally, all the breeds in this group came from different lands and […]

Breeds – All About Toy Dogs

Although the breeds in the Toy Group are as small as their name suggests, it is a mistake to think of them as being delicate or difficult to raise. Indeed, because they originated before there were good dog doctors in the world, such tiny animals had to be exceptionally hardy to have survived so long. […]

All About The Terrier Breed Dogs

All of the breeds in the Terrier Group are small enough to be kept in a city apartment. Nowadays, most of these dogs are raised as pets although, like the working and porting dogs, they, too, were originally trained to help man. The word “terrier” comes from the Latin word “terra,” which means earth. It […]

All About Sporting Dogs One Of The Oldest Breeds

The Sporting Group contains in it some of the oldest breeds of dogs who have been helping men hunt for many centuries. The dogs that belong to this group still help sportsmen hunt wild birds. For this reason they are sometimes called “bird dogs” or “gun dogs:” Although these breeds are kept as pets in […]

Hound Breeds Are Born To Hunt

The word “hound” comes from the German word “hund,” which means dog. The Hound Group is made up of dogs who hunt wild animals, instead of birds, as the dogs in the Sporting Group do. Some of them do this with their noses, and some with their eyes. That is why some are called “scent […]

How Did Dog Breeds Develop Individual Traits

This article is a starting point to learning about the different kinds of dogs. Please browse through this article and the others above for a complete a complete in depth view each breed with defining characteristics. A key reason why some dogs look different from other dogs was that they lived in different kinds of […]