Miniature Bulldogs

The points and characteristics of the Miniature Bulldogs of the British Bulldog may be summed up in the simple statement that he should be an exact duplicate in miniature of the larger specimens in every point and detail. The origin of the miniature Bulldog is not very clear, but is doubtless of a later date than that of his bigger brothers. In the breeding of any variety odd miniature specimens will crop up in litters, and these have no doubt suggested to some fanciers the idea of propagating a race of pigmy Bulldogs probably designed for ladies’ pets. It is on record that many toy specimens, as they were first called, have been reproduced in the Bulldog breeding centers of London, Sheffield, Birmingham, Nottingham, etc., and it is doubtless from these that the present-day and more perfected race of miniatures have sprung.

It is also a matter of record that in the distant past many of these toy specimens were exported to France. They were, for the greater part, prickeared or tulip-eared in the old days, and in later years re-imported French Bulldogs have been used to cross with English-bred toys for the purpose of fixing the size. This cross, happily not largely resorted to, had the disadvantage of perpetuating the hideous bat and tulip ears, and of rather spoiling the correct British type.

The chief points to look for in Miniature puppies are identical with those in the larger variety, except that the smaller the puppy the better, if good in points.