Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher resembles the Manchester terrier, and undoubtedly originated through the crossing of dogs of that breed with some one of the continental varieties. At the present time they are the most important of German terriers. In appearance they are well built and muscular, about the weight of an Airedale, and are lively, game, good tempered, courageous, and devoted. Their coat is coarser than that of the Manchester terrier, but the distribution of their black-and-tan markings is the same. There is often a white patch on the chest. The tail is docked to a length not greater than six inches. The ears are cropped, but neither too closely nor too pointedly for smartness. The muzzle is long, and moderately fine; cheeks well muscled; eyes preferably dark brown, expression friendly and intelligent. Generally they are a shapely dog, alert, sagacious, and attractive.