White English Terrier

This is a comparatively new breed, and is the only Terrier that bears the national name. There is no evidence to show where it originally sprang from, who produced it, or for what reason. Before the institution of dog shows the generic term “Terrier” was applied to all earth dogs, and it would be difficult […]


The origin of the Bulldog is closely associated with the Mastiff; in fact, he was originally a smaller variety that was used for bull baiting, the larger variety being used in battles with the bear. Jesse says the first mention of a Bulldog occurs in 1631 or 1632 in a letter written by Prestwich Eaton, […]

West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier These hardy little dogs are native to Argyleshire and the west coast of Scotland, sections of the country that are the natural home of the fox, the wildcat, the badger, and the otter. It is a great mistake to believe that these dogs, on account of their general similarity in […]

Irish Terrier

Although there is the usual mystery about the exact origin of the Irish Terrier, his excitable temperament, keen intelligence, pluck, and determination as well as his sociable and vivacious instinct clearly indicate that he is a worthy product of the country whose name he bears. In Ireland this breed is used for bolting foxes and […]

Welsh Terrier

This handy breed is one of the smartest of guards and companions, and particularly keen on anything in the vermin line. They are indigenous to the country whose name they bear, and are undoubtedly of considerable antiquity and have been bred true to type for the last thirty years. At one time they were exhibited […]

Sealyham Terrier

For many years this attractive breed of Terriers has been carefully bred by a small group of British sportsmen who have cherished them for their admirable working qualities, and have never been interested in the fads or the mandates of the bench show world. It may be stated without fear of contradiction that no breed […]

Clydesdale Terrier

This breed, originally exhibited as Skye Terriers, are simply the more silky-haired specimens of this variety. Skye Terrier enthusiasts have always regarded them as bad-coated specimens, more fitted for the drawing-room than the cairns, just as Fox Terrier experts would regard a soft-coated Wire Haired as a bad Fox Terrier. The silky-coated dog, however, has […]

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Originating on the borders of Scotland, and made famous by Sir Walter Scott in his “Guy Mannering,” the Dandie partakes in type and character of all of Scotland’s Terriers, being short on leg and long in body. His ears, however, are drooped instead of being prick. Doubtless the Dandie and the Border Terrier, which is […]

Skye Terrier

This is one of the oldest breeds in Scotland, having its origin in the islands from which it now takes its name. The breed was originally called Scottish Terrier. In fact, all of the Scottish varieties of Terriers were first so designated. Dr. Caius, one of the earliest writers on dogs, indicates the existence and […]

Bedlington Terrier

This breed in appearance resembles a miniature Deer hound. They originated among the sport loving miners and gypsies in the north of England, who have bred them for a great many years, and have produced a useful type of dog of undeniable gameness which will cheerfully tackle anything that wears hair. Their looks are against […]